Mini session


15 min - 5 editing digital images ( min. 8 people)


$ 50 per person/ Family


Available on request, for your event, or your little one's Birthday Party !


These sessions are also seasonal. The background will be settle in studio or at your location, according to the theme.

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For the seasonal Mini-Session I will also suggest you to coordinate your outfits according to the theme, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's day, and so on.  You definitively can also bring your favorite accessories, it will add personality to your look. That is the time to be creative ! These Mini-Session are really for FUN and wonderful memories for you and your family. For your little ones, bring what they may need during the session, some water, and healthy snacks for a little break, their favorite toy to comfort them, and a second outfit (It can be useful !)


These sessions are scheduled 3/4 time a year.  They last 15-20 min for each family, so make sure to give you, and your family time to get on time, ready, and dressed for the session.